Our Lady of Lausanne, Chappeles

Our Lady of Lausanne, Chappeles (Switzerland)

Commemorated on April 4

Our Lady of Lausanne, Chappeles (Switzerland) Mary appeared twice to twenty-one year old Marie-Francoise Decotterd. The seer was seriously ill from birth and continously suffered. On April 4, 1871, the Heavenly Mother appeared for the first time and urged the patient to devote her life of sacrifice and expiation in the service of Jesus Christ and the salvation of souls in the world. The second time she appeared on May 9, 1872 and heralded the end of his sufferings and her passage into the heavenly world.

August 4, 1871 about 23 hours, Marie-Françoise Décotterd, 21, daughter of farmers, achieving two cankers feet, would have seen the Virgin Mary in a beautiful light that invades his room.

“I am the Blessed Virgin Mary, called Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Should not pray for your healing. It’s over. Keep patient as you have had so far.’s End will come before it is too long “intend.

The May 9, 1872, the day of his death, Marie-Françoise would have seen the Virgin Mary a second time, wearing a white dress with a crucifix on his chest, his hands crossed “I again come back to you … . It is death that I proclaim to you: you will receive the reward infinite and eternal happiness “ad appearance.

Originally from: 365 Days with Mary