Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin

Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin

San Juan Bautista de la Salle


Let us honor the Blessed Virgin on the day of his birth, and take part in the joy, of everything
extraordinary item, he feels the whole Church, to solemnize today the happy moment when
God did appear in the world to that of whom took first the salvation of the whole genre

God, which leads all things wisely, when it formed in order to save men and
born as one of them; preferred chosen a virgin who was worthy to be his temple and
home address. And, in order to preparársela as wanted, He ordered it to look adorned by the
Holy Spirit with all the natural and supernatural qualities, that might better suit the
Mother of God.

To that end, it was necessary that the body of the Blessed Virgin were so perfectly formed, and so well prepared at birth, that could contribute to the sanctity of the soul; and the Holy Spirit, She descending on, put it in a position to find favor with God, to be
object of his kindnesses, and receive from the inside such strength, that possible
resist all the attacks of the evil spirit, capable of corrupt or, at least, altering the
purity of heart.

¡Ah, most just how was that, at all levels was is God's work, and as perfect as I could
occur between pure creatures, One that was to serve God formed man!


We admire the abundant graces with which God adorned the Blessed Virgin at the moment of his
birth. I was so full of them, that no mere creature has never been like Mary, nor will ever.

The Holy Spirit, making it part of its fullness, He communicated all his gifts, and he set already
From that moment his dwelling She, to arrange it to receive therein, and bring him to the Son
God made man. Gave, inclusive, heart so penetrated by divine love, not breathe but
Oh my God.

She had nothing to say no exclusive relationship to God: his mind was concerned only with God and
As you discovered God be nice; all the powers of his soul whose only function
pay tribute to God their tributes; his body itself served as a tool to holy actions
She operated in; which they contributed to spiritualize the fullest extent possible, already
make him the holy shrine, where Jesus Christ would enter their time and where they offer
interiorly to God as spotless Victim, to purify to its ultimate perfection of the soul
the Blessed Virgin, of the Holy Spirit took possession at the time of his birth itself.

Oh! What a happy day it was for her and even for all men, who they find in Mary
universal shelter, because the treasury of grace that God She deposited, from the time of
appearance in the world!


You can not take over the correspondence of Mary fidelísima few thanks to all
He received from God at the moment of his birth. As, by special privilege, and then he had
use of reason, he used it to worship God and thank Him for all His mercies. HE
and then totally consecrated to Him not to live, nor have the rest of his days, life or
movement that were not ordered to THE.

He emptied himself deep into the depths of his soul, because he owed it all to God. I admired inside the wrought by God in it, and she told herself what published later in his Canticle:
God has done great things for me (1).

And looking to Yes, and contemplating God in Her, Profusion amazed that God had
poured into his creature, He was persuaded and still penetrated everything in her honor should pay taxes
God, and repeat endlessly with David that even his bones were so debtors God could not
exclaiming: Who is like God? (2).

If Mary received such a copy of thanks was that it might be partakers of them men who
come to their protection. You: do not waste, because, the fruits that you can take recourse to all
Stagecoach Mary.

Originally from: Mariology (Spain)