April 25 – Madonna di Porto (Gimigliano, Catanzaro, Italy)

The genesis that led to the change from “Our Lady of Constantinople” to “Our Lady of Porto” is traced back more than two centuries ago, when the Virgin appeared in a dream to a thief – that Peter Cat – which was stationed in the district of Porto Gimigliano, and he asked the construction site, a “CONA”, pointing to the place where you can withdraw the lime stone; Peter Cat, found no positive response on the part of the local masons, built personally “CONA” and converted to a better life. Here, around the “CONA” was built a small church [2] , well-preserved and open to the public). The traditional, centuries-old, lists a long series of miracles of “Our Lady of Porto” and wants miraculous since its pictorial reproduction (Achiropita; traditionally it is said that the painter Marcangione had outlined a draft of the image of Our Lady of Constantinople, received from Naples to the parish priest of Gimigliano, postponing, after fasting for inspiration, continued work the next day and surprise the next morning he found the painting beautifully complemented by the hands of angels, became aware of the event the villagers of the painter sought to retain the framework to their land, but the authorities then, hear claims by gimiglianesi, decreed that it was to be delivered to the parish of Gimigliano who had commissioned), as well as events related to both natural disasters and war (eg. epidemics plague, earthquakes, French occupation: during the occupation of the beauty of the image led the general who led the French army to remove it from the throne of the Church and carry it into the camp of Catanzaro; He was then placed in a cabinet, but during the night a bright light lit up the closet where it was placed the painting of the Madonna and the general impression from the event decided to bring in a solemn procession to the effigy Gimigliano – the event is given back to the year 1807; In fact in 2007 it was celebrated the bicentennial [3] ) is the radical solution of health problems to believers. The Framework has undergone two restorations at the hands of the Romans and leading experts in both trips to Rome he was blessed by Pope Paul VI (27 February 1974) and John Paul II (26 February 1997). In 1984 (October 6) Pope John Paul II during his trip to Calabria had crowned in the stage of Catanzaro . Source: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Festa_della_Madonna_di_Porto 

Originally from: 365 Days with Mary