May 13 – Our Lady of Hanswyck (Mechelen, Belgium) (988)

The legend says that in 988 a ship with merchandise and a wooden statue of Mary firmly shifted to the Dyle. They did everything possible to release the ship but nothing helped. After a while, the merchants brought the wooden statue of Mary ashore and the ship came loose. This was seen as a sign that Mary chose her residence here. [1] Later in the quarter rose Hanswijk the Basilica of Our Lady of Hanswijk to display the picture shelter.   In 1272 the area around Mechelen was haunted by the plague and other ailments. The residents of Hanswijk, which was still completely outside the city walls lay, were desperate. They carried the statue to the city , but the townsfolk shut the gate because they were afraid that it was a rebellion. Moments later the burghers opened the Brussels gate to let them. Shortly thereafter stopped the ailments. In gratitude, the Virgin Mary every year carried through the city in a historical and religious procession . [2]   Since 1738 , when Marian devotion in Hanswijk the tradition 750 years existed, comes to 25 years Hanswijkcavalcade , followed by the Procession of Mechelen .   Source: 

Originally from: 365 Days with Mary