Our Lady of Consolation

Madonna della Consolazione (Our Lady of Consolation), Ghisalba (BG), Italy Commemorated on August 14 The origin of the Sanctuary is related to the fact occurred on 08/14/1453. Antoniola, a farmer aged 60, called by the diminutive of Tonolla, the morning had a vision of Mary, while we were having breakfast, that the churches in … Read More

Interview With Bishop Jozef Punt

Monsignor, you have received a letter from a group of cardinals to all the bishops of the world to give their opinion regarding Mary and her place in God’s plan of salvation. They plead for the official proclamation of Mary as ‘the spiritual Mother of all Nations, Co-redemptrix… Mediatrix of all graces… and … Read More

Munificentissimus Deus

Excerpts from the Apostolic Constitution defining “ex cathedra” (from the chair of Peter) the dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin)   Hence the revered Mother of God, from all eternity joined in a hidden way with Jesus Christ in one and the same decree of predestination, immaculate in her conception, a … Read More

“Petition the Holy Father For This Dogma”

“Once more I am here, – The Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate is now standing before you. I have chosen this day: on this day the Lady will be crowned. Theologians and apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ listen carefully: I have given you the explanation of the dogma. Work and ask for this … Read More

Lourdes 1858

Brnadyt subyrus 1879 -1844 Saint Nevers sleeping Memorial Day: 16 April; 18 And February in France linked to Bernadette Soubirous closely connected with God and his plan in Lourdes. So I want you to identify closely through the following lines. It's a saint but originally is a human being like you and me normal, and what made it really Jzabh is her humanity and followed … Read More

Marian Coredemption and St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe

Fr Stefano Maria Manelli F I Pope Paul VI placed St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe “among the great Saints and enlightened spirits who have understood, venerated and sung the mystery of Mary,” (1) and Pope John Paul II placed in relief the prophetic vision and great value of St. Maximilian’s life and Mariology for … Read More

As the Church has come to the dogmatic definition ...

Di Angelo Amato AA. VV., The Assumption of Mary Mother of God. Meaning in salvation history 50 years after the dogmatic definition, AMONG, Vatican CITY 2001, pp.43-70. 1. Dogma and development of dogma The word "dogma" indicates an authoritative decision and is also used by the NT to indicate, For example,, "The decrees" (At 17,7). … Read More

The First Words

I am Our Lady of America. I desire that my children honor me, especially by the purity of their lives. ~The first words spoken by Our Lady of America, September 26, 1956

The First Words

I am Our Lady of America. I desire that my children honor me, especially by the purity of their lives. ~The first words spoken by Our Lady of America, September 26, 1956

The true reason of Mary’s greatness and blessedn...

She is the believer, the great believer; she knows – and says – that the violence of the mighty, the pride of the rich, the hubris of the arrogant weighs down in history. Still, Mary believes and proclaims that God does not abandon His humble and poor children, but helps them with mercy, … Read More

The Flame of Love Movement

THE FLAME OF LOVE OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY MOVEMENT In accordance with the wish of the Blessed Virgin Mary to propagate and promote throughout the world the devotion to the Flame of Love of her Immaculate Heart, the Flame of Love Movement, fully obedient to the Catholic Church, came into being … Read More

Infallible Definition of the Assumption

The fourth Marian dogma is the Assumption of Our Lady. The dogma of Mary’s Assumption, like her Immaculate Conception, has the added certainty of an infallible papal statement. Pope Pius XII in 1950 defined the Assumption of Mary in the following ex cathedra statement: “The Immaculate Mother of God, the ever Virgin Mary, … Read More

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary San Buenaventura Which is more beautiful than the sun and surpasses the whole order.)’ stars, and compared with the light, makes you many advantages, chapter 7 of Wisdom. In these words, the glorious Empress, exalted over the choirs of … Read More

Our Lady of All Nations

Summary During a series of 56 apparitions, lasting 14 years, a wide array of prophecies were given to Ida Peederman, a 40-year old office worker at an industrial firm, along with an image of the Blessed Mother standing on a globe with a cross behind her and a prayer. The revelations to Ida … Read More

St. Joseph Messages from Itapiranga

For more information on the Church-Approved apparitions of Itapiranga, Brazil, please visit the official website: www.santuariodeitapiranga.com.br Letter of approval by Bishop Carillo Gritti here. Special thanks to Ana Ormonde for translating these messages into English. March 1, 1998 – St. Joseph: In this apparition, St. Joseph appeared dressed in a white tunic with … Read More

Holy Rosary

SANTO ROSARIO Download flyer to do apostolate Download this page in PDF PowerPoint presentation to pray the Rosary (View or download) Download Santo Rosario audio. Click here. To become a member of the Apostles DEL ROSARIO click here St. Pius V attributed the victory of Lepanto, the 7 October of 1571 … Read More